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27 Jul

What does green rooibos taste like?

What does green rooibos taste like?

Here at Tick Tock we love our green rooibos! We're often asked about what green rooibos is and how it tastes. Here are some answers to your questions:

What is green rooibos? And how is it different to 'normal' green tea?

Well, the answer is that green rooibos tea is made using the leaves of the rooibos or Apalathus Linearis plant, the same as is used to make red rooibos. However the difference lies in the way the tea is treated.
To make 'red' rooibos the leaves are picked, chopped and left to cure outside in the mountain air, slowly turning a deep red colour. This process is known as ‘oxidation’ and is the same process you will see occur when you take a bite from an apple. To make green rooibos, the leaves are picked and the oxidation process is stopped by the application of heat, and therefore they retain their light green colour. This technique is inspired by that used to make 'normal' green tea which is made from the Camellia Sinensis (as are all black teas). After harvesting, the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis are quickly dried to stop them oxidising and therefore darkening - the process that results in black teas.

green rooibos drying in the sun

Rooibos tea drying in the sun 

The other key difference between green rooibos and 'normal' green tea is the caffeine levels. Green rooibos is naturally caffeine free because Aspalathus Linearis has no caffeine in its genetic make-up. Conversely, green teas are made from the Camellia Sinensis plant which does contain caffeine. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, green teas do have some caffeine, although the levels can vary. 


What does green rooibos taste like?

Green rooibos is a deliciously light tea with a lovely mellow taste and a slight natural sweetness. Unlike many 'normal' green teas which can be a little bitter, green rooibos contains absolutely no bitterness or astringency due to the very low levels of tannins in the tea. As a result, no matter how long you leave your teabag in the cup, the tea will always remain delicate and light. Green rooibos makes a great refreshing and hydrating option to enjoy throughout the day, even at night time. Like 'normal' green tea, it should be enjoyed without milk to allow its delicate and distinctive taste to be enjoyed to the full.


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green rooibos caffeine free tea

You can find our organic Tick Tock Green Rooibos tea in Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsburys and you can also buy directly from the Tick Tock Tea website.

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