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27 Jul

An Introduction to Vanilla Rooibos tea

An introduction to vanilla rooibos tea

What is Vanilla Rooibos Tea?

We've combined the finest grade rooibos (redbush) with Bourbon Vanilla to create a truly delicious cup of tea. Rooibos tea has a slight natural sweetness and being low in tannins, has no bitterness. Complementing rooibos with aromatic vanilla makes for a smooth, warming, velvety cup of tea - the perfect guilt free treat! 

We never use artificial flavourings in our teas and source only the best quality vanilla from Madagascar. Vanilla is part of the Orchid family and its the pods and seeds that are used to flavour everything from cakes and ice cream to perfume and cosmetics. You may be surprised to learn that after saffron, vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world - its warming sweetness is irresistible!

vanilla from madagascar

Is Vanilla Rooibos caffeinated?

All of the rooibos teas in the Tick Tock range are 100% naturally caffeine free. Rooibos is grown on South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains and comes from a different plant to traditional black and green tea. The rooibos plant naturally contains no caffeine and therefore does not undergo any chemical processing to remove caffeine from the leaves. 

How to drink Vanilla Rooibos 

Vanilla rooibos is best made using freshly boiled water to infuse the tea. We recommend brewing for around 2-4 minutes - although the tea won't go bitter if you leave the teabag in for longer. You can add milk or enjoy the tea on its own. Vanilla rooibos has a natural sweetness, so we don't think adding sugar or honey is necessary.

Vanilla Rooibos also makes a great iced tea; simply brew as above, leave to cool and then pour over ice for a refreshing and hydrating alternative.

brewing vanilla rooibos tea

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