Rooibos Recipes

Skinny Tick Tock Almond Vanilla Chai Latte

Our delicious Vanilla Chai rooibos is an all-time favourite, so we asked Helena Cavan, director of The Milestone Detox, to create a fresh new way to enjoy this warming and aromatic brew. Helena's latte recipe is both tasty and filling - the perfect way to start your day!  Equipment Equipment: blender, sieve, mug,...

Vanilla Chai Mulled Wine Recipe

As it’s the festive season, we thought we’d share our recipe for a special mulled wine, featuring our scrumptious rooibos vanilla chai. The delicious flavours of aromatic cinnamon and ginger are perfectly complemented by the traditional ingredients of this seasonal beverage. So why not make a big batch and spoil...

Honey Lemon & Ginger Tea Cakes

For tea time with a twist, we’re particularly fond of our Honey, Lemon & Ginger Tea Cakes - they’re crisp, not overly buttery, and have got a seriously good flavour. Not to mention the delicious aroma of the roasted rooibos.

Aperol Spritz Iced Tea

We've teamed up with food blogger Valerie Vago-Laurer to concoct some fabulous iced tea recipes. Here's one we're calling Tick Tock Aperol Spritz - an updated version of the classic Aperol Spritz cocktail. Our premium-grade rooibos mellows the taste of the Aperol and makes a perfect choice for lazy days...