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27 Jul

Do Tick Tock teabags contain plastic?

Do Tick Tock teabags contain plastic?

Good news! Plastics in packaging are a hot topic for us at Tick Tock. As a small family company we try to be ethical and sustainable, and after months of trials, Tick Tock teabags will now be fully plant-based and biodegradable. Read all about it here!

Hot off the press
We are so happy to say that all our Tick Tock teas will now come in fully plant-based and 100% biodegradable teabags, free from polypropylene and all other petrochemical plastics. Our new improved boxes (without the plastic wrapper too) are starting to hit the shelves – so keep an eye out!

Because they are fully biodegradable, you will be able to put these new teabags in your Food Waste bin for composting by your local council. We ask you not to put them in your home composting as it won’t necessarily provide the right level of heat, pressure and microorganisms to ensure they fully break down in a timely manner. If you don’t have a Food Waste collection in your area, simply put the teabags in your general waste.

We see these changes as a first step in the right direction and we are going to constantly work to improve our packaging further, so do let us know if you have ideas!

What about our previous Tick Tock teabags?

Like most UK companies, up until very recently we have used teabag paper made up of natural cellulose from wood pulp and a small amount of food safe polypropylene fibres (1% of total filled teabag weight). These fibres allow the edges to be heat sealed and stop the bags from falling apart in hot water or in the box.

Whilst we can reassure you that these fibres are not made of Nylon or PET (the subject of a Canadian study on microplastics that has rightly had much media focus), we have been very unhappy with this state of affairs. For the last few months we have been researching and investing in alternatives, and now finally, our work is becoming reality. 

Our new look Tick Tock

Our biodegradable teabags come in boxes with a brand new look. At the heart of our design is rooibos, the wonder plant with all its amazing health benefits. Same delicious rooibos tea, but better for the environment. We hope you’ll like the new design as much as we do!



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