05 Jul

Do Tick Tock teabags contain plastic?

Plastic in packaging is one of the key topics of conversation at Tick Tock HQ. As a small family company we try to be ethical and sustainable in what we do and for this reason we are working hard to change our formats to be more environmentally sound.

tick tock tea bags and plastic

Like most UK companies, we currently use teabag paper that is made up of natural cellulose from wood pulp and a small amount of food safe polypropylene fibres. These fibres allow the edges to be heat sealed and stop the bags from falling apart in hot water or in the box. They make up approximately 1% of the final teabag’s total weight. Whilst we can reassure you that these fibres are not made of Nylon or PET (the subject of a Canadian study on microplastics that has rightly had much media focus), of course we are still very unhappy with this state of affairs.  

What are we doing to change our teabags?

For the last 12 months we have been involved in trials of a version of teabag paper that replaces the polypropylene with polylactic acid (PLA), which is a renewable and sustainable biopolymer derived from plants. Trials with this new biodegradable paper have made good progress, overcoming the technical issues involved with running these new materials at scale. We hope to make the transition to this new and more environmentally friendly format in the next 3-6 months. We know it is not the perfect solution but we think it is better than the status quo and a good first step in the right direction. So watch this space.

Loose Leaf Tick Tock rooibos tea - have you tried it?

If you would prefer an alternative to teabags whilst we make these changes, then we have two loose leaf versions of our redbush teas for you to try – our original Organic Rooibos Loose Leaf and our Organic Green Rooibos Loose Leaf. Bring back the teapot!


tick tock tea range and plastic


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