• Who we are

    A little bit about us and our Tick Tock values.

  • 1. What makes us tick

    At Tick Tock, we’re a family that has been obsessed with tea for over four generations. Our unbroken commitment, together with the expertise we’ve gathered along the way, lies at the heart of everything we do. We personally taste every new batch to make sure that we get that special Tick Tock taste just right.

  • 2. Generation game

    Our story starts with Benjamin Ginsberg. He pioneered rooibos over 100 years ago, before his son, Henry Charles, built it up into a thriving tea concern. Henry Charles passed on his passion to his own son, Bruce, who in turn introduced Tick Tock and many other speciality teas to the UK.

    Today we are still a family affair, with Benjamin’s great granddaughter, Georgia, proudly at the helm.

  • Today, we have proudly become one of Britain’s favourite independent tea brands and our iconic pack can be found brightening up kitchen cupboards everywhere.

  • 3. Family Values

    As a family company, we believe in honesty, integrity and sustainability. We never use artificial additives, GM crops, or chlorine-bleached teabags. We always trade fairly with all of our tea suppliers, building lasting relationships and encouraging environmentally sound agricultural practices. We believe in protecting the heritage of these tea-growing areas for generations to come.

  • 4. Now and zen

    Hickory dickory dock... It’s always Tick Tock o’clock! Your Tick Tock winks at you, enticingly. The first taste is soft and fragrant and all your cares are left behind. Second sip is a gentle sigh. Third is warming. Fourth is like coming home. The fifth winks again. The sixth is a breath of fresh air. And the seventh is Freedom. All cares melt away and you float through clouds and leap over fences, everything in perfect balance. Good old Tick Tock. A little bow of thanks to a gentle friend.

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