• Tea & Wellbeing

    Tick Tock is packed with natural goodness for bright days and peaceful nights.

  • 1. Healthy Attitude

    Our love of tea and wellbeing go hand in hand, and at Tick Tock we have always been interested in making things that are not only delicious, but also 100% natural and brimming with goodness. Indeed TIME magazine listed rooibos in the top 50 healthiest foods of all time, and scientific research increasingly testifies to the multiple benefits of tea – mental, emotional and physical.

  • 2. Gentle Hydration

    Water accounts for around 60% of an adult’s body. Every single cell needs it to function, so making sure you are properly hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Rooibos is a great option to help you stay hydrated as it is gentle and naturally caffeine free, plus it undergoes no chemical decaffeination process because the plant itself contains no caffeine.

  • It is also low in tannins, meaning that your cup of tea won’t interfere with the absorption of iron, as well as being high in vitamin C.

  • 3. Bright Days

    Tick Tock always brightens up our day – it’s comforting, delicious and good for you. Calorie-free and sugar-free, our teas also contain a range of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, known as polyphenols. Increasing evidence points to the positive role these compounds may have with regards to heart health, diabetes and digestion. Some studies also link rooibos to weight loss and skin health.

  • 4. Peaceful Nights

    Dislike those long nights counting sheep? Try sticking to naturally caffeine free rooibos and herbal teas after midday. Caffeine is a stimulant and its effects can last for between 5-6 hours – not ideal for a peaceful night’s sleep. Long known for its gently relaxant properties, rooibos has been used to help soothe little ones in its native South Africa for generations.

  • 5. Herbal Power

    Since our first experiments with the wild rooibos plant over 100 years ago, our interest in the great botanical traditions has coincided with a growing body of research confirming the beneficial properties of teas and herbal infusions. From anti-oxidant rich rooibos, to warming ginger and cleansing fennel seed, our mission is to fill your cups with natural botanical goodness – for bright days and peaceful nights.

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