Welcome to the world of Tick Tock tea

02 October, 2017

A family business

Here at Tick Tock, we are a small family-owned tea company based in a lovely old barn in the Hampshire countryside. We have been growing and making rooibos tea ever since Grandfather Benjamin Ginsberg first perfected the brew in 1903. He was the first to cure the wild plant using traditional tea making techniques and we continue to use his methods to make our teas today.

Following in his footsteps, Benjamin’s grandson Bruce Ginsberg continued the family tradition to grow and make rooibos teas. Bruce founded Tick Tock in 1976 and was the first to introduce rooibos to the UK market. Today, Bruce’s daughter Georgia is the fourth generation to share this love for tea.

What is rooibos?

Rooibos or redbush tea is grown in South Africa on the Cedarberg Mountains. The naturally caffeine free tea is gentle, low in tannins and can be enjoyed at any time of day. Packed full of antioxidants and boasting many health properties, rooibos is not only delicious but good for you too! You can find out more about the benefits of rooibos tea here.

Explore our range of teas

Tick Tock has proudly become Britain’s favourite Rooibos tea and we have a delicious selection of rooibos teas available to buy from leading supermarkets, independent health shops and directly from our website. Our all-natural range includes:

Original Rooibos – smooth with a slight natural sweetness, our rooibos tea can be enjoyed with or without milk, or as an iced tea with a slice of lemon.

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Organic Rooibos – Pure, superior grade rooibos from organic certified farms, this tea is refreshing and naturally sweet, and can be enjoyed with or without milk.

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Green Rooibos – light and refreshing, our green rooibos is a gentle tea that will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

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Earl Grey Rooibos – made using 100% natural Oil of Bergamot to give the rooibos an authentic earl grey taste. Our Earl Grey is delicious with or without milk, or as an iced tea.

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Vanilla Chai Rooibos – packed with warm and aromatic spices, our Vanilla Chai is one of our most popular blends!

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Vanilla Rooibos – smooth and velvety, our Vanilla rooibos is made using bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and is a truly delicious treat.

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Lemon & Ginger Rooibos – perfect to enjoy after meals, our Lemon & Ginger rooibos is a warming tea made with all natural ingredients.

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Detox Rooibos - we’ve infused rooibos with naturally sweet liquorice root, soothing fennel and refreshing lemongrass – all traditionally used to support wellness and digestion.

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You can buy the full rooibos range here

Our ethos

Having been growing and making rooibos tea for over one hundred years, our unbroken tradition and the expertise gathered over the decades allow us to maintain the high levels of quality for which Tick Tock has become known. We use only the highest grade Rooibos, and personally taste every batch of tea for that unmistakable combination of body, sweetness and flavour.

We never use artificial additives, GM crops, or chlorine-bleached teabags. We also believe that it is our shared responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the Rooibos community and ecosystem. We only buy directly from farmers, always trade fairly, and through our organic range, encourage environmentally sound agricultural practices. We also directly supported the South African Rooibos Council in its efforts to register “Rooibos” as an internationally recognized Geographical Indication (GI), thereby protecting the region’s unique heritage for generations to come.