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Our values

Tick Tock is a very special tea grown in a very special place. We’ve been growing and making rooibos tea in South Africa’s magical Cedarberg Mountains for generations, and still feel there is something unique and truly wonderful about it. Even after all these years, we find that every cup leaves us with a deep and renewed sense of pleasure and well-being.

It should therefore come as no surprise that we are passionate about introducing tea lovers around the world to Tick Tock, and are committed to making that experience as memorable as possible. 

Growing high grade rooibos tea
We use only the highest grade Rooibos, and taste hundreds of batches every year for that unmistakable combination of body, sweetness and flavour.

We never use artificial additives, GM crops, or chlorine-bleached teabags. We also believe that it is our shared responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the Rooibos community and ecosystem. We only buy directly from farmers, always trade fairly, and through our organic range, encourage environmentally sound agricultural practices. We also directly supported the South African Rooibos Council in its efforts to register “Rooibos” as an internationally recognized Geographical Indication (GI), thereby protecting the region’s unique heritage for generations to come.

Tick Tock fair trade tea

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