Other Flavours

Rooibos Earl Grey Tea

A great new British tea tradition! We’ve combined all the natural goodness of Rooibos with bergamot oil for that authentic Earl Grey taste. Bright and refreshingly fragrant. LEARN MORE

Rooibos Detox - Restore & Renew

A brew for balance and wellness. Combining pure rooibos with naturally sweet liquorice root, soothing fennel seed and refreshing lemongrass, our detox tea nurtures mind, body and soul. LEARN MORE

Rooibos Vanilla Chai Tea

Bursting with exotic chai spices including cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, as well as smooth Madagascan vanilla, every cup of Rooibos Vanilla Chai promises pure pleasure. LEARN MORE

Vanilla Rooibos Tea

Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference, so we've infused our specially selected rooibos tea with all-natural bourbon vanilla for a truly delicious cup of vanilla rooibos tea. 

Rooibos, which grows only in South Africa’s remote Cederberg Mountains, is gentle, low in tannin and naturally caffeine free, and is...