Great Taste Award Winner: Try Our Most Comforting Cup!

12 September, 2013

Tick tock rooibos great taste award

Introducing Honey, Lemon and Ginger Rooibos Tea from Tick Tock

This latest addition to the TICK TOCK family is a uniquely delicious brew that will delight your senses, comfort your soul and put a hearty smile on your face as the days get chillier and the nights get longer.

Inspired by a traditional family recipe, this Great Taste Award winning TICK TOCK imbues the smooth taste of rooibos tea with the mellow sweetness of honey, the refreshing zestiness of lemon and the warming zing of ginger. The result is a perfect harmony of some of nature’s most loved flavours in one full-bodied, reviving cup.

Tick Tock’s Rooibos Honey Lemon & Ginger is carefully crafted using only all natural, quality ingredients. It contains real honey distillate, no artificial additives or flavours, and only the highest grade, specially selected pure rooibos tea. Because we love honey and feel strongly about the importance of bees in the environment, Tick Tock actively supports the British Beekeepers Association and their valuable research into honey bee health.

Gentle, low in tannin, and naturally caffeine free, Tick Tock’s Rooibos Honey Lemon & Ginger can be enjoyed by the whole family at any time of the day, as often as you like. It is also perfect after dinner, as ginger is traditionally appreciated as a digestive aid and rooibos tea has none of the effects experienced by consuming excess caffeine. It also harnesses all the well-recognised health benefits if traditional rooibos, which has become known for its rich antioxidant content and toxin-flushing goodness to reinforce your body’s defences.

TICK TOCK’s Rooibos Honey Lemon & Ginger is available in the our online rooibos tea shop and in leading retailers and independent health stores.